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My family has always been dog-crazy. So much, in fact, that my mother actually named me after a poodle! Loving animals is what my family is all about. I can’t tell you how many times we have rescued terrified, starving dogs from the side of the road and welcomed them with open arms into our family. For me, dogs are not just pets; they are family.

My husband and I do everything we can to ensure our dogs, Anya and Leesie, lead happy and healthy lives.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of controversy about which dog foods and treats are best for our furry friends. Ultimately, the only way to know exactly what is in dog food and treats is to make it yourself.

I’m not a vet and you should always speak with one before changing your pet’s diet, but I am a caring dog owner. I’ve done a lot of research on dog super foods and how to make treats that are both delicious and healthy. Eventually, I wrote two books to share what I’ve learned and that’s where Pup Pastries began.

This site is intended for dog-lovers like me, who care deeply for their furry friends and want them to lead long and happy lives. I’m dedicated to providing helpful and fun information about dogs and I certainly hope you’ll join in all the fun!